The Featured Works of John Hutchinson

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Gooding & Company

Gooding & Company currently maintain an Adobe Flash based web site at and wanted a more accessible non-flash version built to emulate the behavior of the flash site. Using only HTML, CSS, and the jQuery javascript framework, was quickly built on a tight schedule and budget to do just that. Gooding & Company is currently in the process of a complete site redesign, the unfinished development version of which can be seen at

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Mixtape Attack

Mixtape Attack is a music review site built with Ruby on Rails 2.3.4. While Mixtape Attack is still very much in beta, we believe it represents a best-of-both worlds approach to music journalism: we, at once, employ both crowd-sourcing for cheap and varied content as well as an editorial board to maintain some semblance of content and quality control.

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The Association for Accounting Marketing 2010 Conference is the 2010 meeting site for the Association for Accounting Marketing. Built entirely in the Drupal content management system and custom themed along side the Association Headquarters web team, brings online social networking to the brick-and-morter annual meeting world. In addition to the wealth of custom functionality, several soon-to-be distributed custom Drupal modules were also developed by the Association Headquarters web team to facilitate the site's connectivity to AAM's member data backend.

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The North American Power Sweeping Association is the online hom for NAPSA: The North American Power Sweeping Association. Built in conjunction with the Association Headquarters web team, is built with .Net and WSDL web services to communicate more effectively with their member data backend. With this member data, the Association Headquarters web team was able to build a incredibly useable and functional powered contractor search using the jQuery javascript framework.

AST Screenshot 1

American Society of Transplantation is the online home for the American Society of Transplantation. Built in conjunction with the Association Headquarters web team, is a massively extensive coldfusion, php, .Net, and Perl web site featuring everything from podcasts and online slide videos to entirely separate meeting sites. is constantly being updated with new features on a weekly and even daily basis and regularly offers new challenges in how to approach new media content.

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Look What I Drew

Look What I Drew is the online photo portfolio for Brittany Hutchinson. Custom built in Ruby on Rails 2.2., the Look What I Drew app and web site enables Ms. Hutchinson to manage her online portfolio, easily adding, deleting, and organizing photos as needed.

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The Scrabbled

The Scrabbled is a community blog custom built with Ruby on Rails 2.2.